Monday, November 7, 2016

Raymond Anthony Fernando’s letter to The New Paper: UPSKIRT INCIDENTS IN SCHOOLS – Moral education, talks for students

My letter to The New Paper (TNP) is published today, Monday 7th Nov 2016 on page 18 of TNP.

There have been many reports of adults convicted of upskirt offences, and now this humiliating behaviour has spread to schools.

Our hardworking educators already face considerable stress and such an invasion of their privacy can have severe implications on their well-being.

Still the police did the right thing by only warning the students involved. They have to be careful not to come down too hard on them, as that may frighten the students.

To eradicate or at least significantly reduce this problem in schools, I propose the following preventive measures:

* All schools should have living values and moral education programmes as part of the curriculum.

* They should secure the services of the plainclothes police officers who can partner professionals from the National Addictions Management Services of the Institute of Mental Health to give talks to students of taking such videos as it can lead to porn addiction.

* The students could be feeling stressed over studies or just plain bored, and  school counsellors need to carefully find out why the causes  behind such unhealthy  practices and make it clear  that the school is there to help deal with their issues.

* Finally, the schools should get parents involved in moral education of their children.

Education is vital for students and it is not advisable to expel them student as that may push them to mix with the wrong company.




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