Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jobs Aplenty; Seize the Opportunity: Article on Happy TV

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Raymond Anthony Fernando

There has been some unhappiness among Singaporeans that jobs are being given to foreigners. So, it is welcoming news for Singaporeans as the government is indeed listening to feedback and is creating jobs for our own citizens, as I read the report in The Straits Times today, Friday 21st October 2016 “Many jobs on offer despite slow down.”


Acting Minister for Education (Higher education and skills), Ong Ye Kung gave this welcoming assurance at a Straits Times future economy forum on Thursday 20th October 2016.  The minister encouraged Singaporeans to upgrade themselves with new skills, a call that has been repeated by several other cabinet ministers.


With global competition and rapid advancement in technology, it is wise to heed the call of the government by upgrading our skills.  In particular, Minister Ong said that retrenched workers find it hard to find jobs as they lack the required skills.  I agree with him.


The Minister then cited several jobs that are coming on-stream and they include


• 30,000 IT professionals needed by 2017;

• 3,000 more jobs for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) in precision engineering by 2020;

• Demand for 1,000 rail engineers;

At least 1,200 professionals needed in finance, mostly in IT and compliance; and

• 4,000 more early childhood educators needed in the coming years.


Health Minister Gan Kim Yong in another event gave more encouraging news: Mr. Gan mentioned that the government, in planning for an aging population, his ministry will require 30,000 more healthcare workers in five years, to add to the current pool of 70,000.  Among the job vacancies that are being opened to our citizens will be in nursing homes, community hospitals and polyclinics.


To encourage our elderly Singaporeans to obtain key social support, I urge the Government to hire those who are 55 and above as many of those in this group are facing social isolation. It is always so meaningful to work in the healthcare industry because the job gives us the golden opportunity to help the sick in their recovery – directly or indirectly.  And when we meet someone who is well again, we have done some form of community service and we will be blessed –in more ways than one.


There should also be options for seniors to work shorter hours and this is where part-time work can prove useful.


Every worker will want to find his/her dream job, but in this day and age when there is so much competition for jobs, we have to be realistic and lower our expectations.


It is also prudent to have the foresight to expect the unexpected. So I always advise my audience when I give motivational talks at events to find pipelines when they still have a full-time job. For example, writing poems, stories, press letters, and articles have always been my passion.  I engaged in this activity while I was working in the media industry. If one has good writing and communication skills, job opportunities can come our way.


It was from here that I was able to produce my own books and in the process helped my wife as well to produce her works.  That said, I encourage workers to take up writing and communication courses, which could include Public Relations and event management courses.


Raymond Anthony Fernando



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