Monday, November 28, 2016

PERSONAL MOBILITY DEVICES ON TRAINS ; Have PMD-free areas on trains, buses

My letter on the above matter gets published in The New Paper on Monday 28th November 2016


I refer to reports that from next month, commuters will be able to take foldable bicycles and other personal mobility devices (PMDs) on buses and trains all day, provided their measurements are within specific limits, as part of a six-month trial.


This is part of the Government’s effort to promote a car-lite Singapore in which alternative transport options will become more attractive and convenient.


Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan was earlier quoted as saying that those who carry PMDs and other commuters will need to adopt a give-and-take attitude and to be considerate to one another. 


While all this is laudable, the reality is that there are bound to be issues between the two groups.


Buses and trains are often crowded, and during peak periods, passengers can hardly move about freely.


If we allow PMDs, even with the size limits, the safety of passengers will be a major concern. 


We are not a very gracious society and there will always be those who push and shove, making the situation worse, especially for seniors and other vulnerable passengers.


As the trial is about to start, I propose that one part of trains and buses be set apart for this purpose so that commuters outside of this area will not be affected.



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