Friday, November 28, 2008


Dear friends,

A very warm welcome to all of you!

Following the successful launch of my website at . Many people have suggested that I start a blog to advocate for better support for persons suffering from mental illness, promote the many books that my wife and I have written and to bring advocacy to every doorstep in Singapore and all over the world.

I have included my novel, " Loving a Schizophrenic" on this blog. This true-life story reveals my 30-year journey in caring for my wife who has battled this severe mental disorder almost all her life. This book, which is the number 1 bestseller on mental health in Singapore has sold 3,100 copies. I am happy to inform all of you that she has not only recovered completely from this illness, but has gone on to become a successful author of 4 books; 3 of which are bestsellers.

Please feel free to touch base with me on any matter.  Thank you & have a nice day!


Raymond Anthony Fernando

I have also ventured into songwriting and have come up with my very 1st CD entitled, "SONGS FROM THE CORNER OF MY HEART". 

Raymond Anthony Fernando & Al Dizon

1. From the Corner Of My Heart (Lyrics by Raymond Anthony Fernando)

2. Ring On Your Finger (Lyrics by Raymond Anthony Fernando)

3. Requiem (Lyrics by Raymond Anthony Fernando)

4. On That Holy Mountain (Lyrics by Joe Mattingly)

5. My Peace

6. Colours Of My Heart (Lyrics by Raymond Anthony Fernando)

7. This Is The Day (Lyrics by Al Dizon)

8. Song of the Traveller I (Lyrics by Al Dizon)

9. Song of the Traveller II (Lyrics by Al Dizon)

10. Be Thou My Vision (Traditional)

Take a listen to this tune- "From the corner of my heart"

From the Corner of My Heart - Raymond Anthony Fernando & Al Dizon