Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Raymond ‘s letter to the press: Town councils should be more flexible in helping seniors fix faults inside flats

My letter on the above matter was published in Mediacorp’s Today newspaper on Tuesday 28th May 2019

To have peace of mind and a good quality of life, we need to live in a safe environment.

There are valid concerns over the use of electric scooters, for instance. These vehicles have endangered the lives of many Singaporeans, especially elders who are less mobile.

As Singapore’s population greys, policies that do not support a safe and healthy environment must be relooked and adapted to deal with shifting trends.

At present, during power failures, town councils can attend to and rectify power trips only if they happen outside an owner’s flat. They do not deal with power faults inside flats.

I live along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 and the town council confirmed this practice to me when I experienced a two-hour power failure last month.

The town council advised me to hire a contractor.  

Elderly persons with mobility problems find it difficult to reach the circuit breaker, which is rather high. It was not installed at eye level.

Moreover, I live alone, have arthritis, and am weak in my hands and legs. So I am wary about meddling with electrical parts.

What if I fall?

The town councils must exercise flexibility when it comes to the needs of elders, many of whom are also unemployed.

With the Government rolling out schemes for our elderly, I urge the authorities and town councils to review this policy to support the needs of our seniors.