Tuesday, February 9, 2010

“You By My Side” -A poem specially dedicated to Tze Yong & Andrea on your marriage -– Sunday 15th November 2009

Dear Tze Yong & Andrea,

A chance meeting,
A warm greeting
Destined to meet two years later at VivoCity
Tze Yong was mesmerized by Andrea,
A lady he found so sincere, so pretty!
Andrea, Tze Yong, I know hapiness will surely come your way
With the rings that you exchange on your special day
Today, your hearts will be merged as one
Grow your love each day,
Make it second to none
Practise patience and perseverance in your relationship
It has worked for me, and it's a very useful tip
Above all, choose to cherish your unconditional love
For when you have that unconditional love,
You will give
When you give
You will score
And when you score,
GOD will love you both even more
Andrea, Tze Yong, Doris and I congratulate you both on your marriage
You are made for each other
Perhaps, like a horse and a carriage

Raymond Anthony Fernando


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