Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And Baby Makes Three

A poem specially dedicated to soon -to be- Parents, Lawrence & Grace

Dear Lawrence & Grace,

Hey, will the gender matter?
Amid all the guessing and the chatter
That is taking place on FACEBOOK
And everywhere you look!

Will it be a girl?
Or will it be a boy?
What's important is that the child comes out healthy,
Chubby, cheerful and strong
And is a real bundle of joy!

Now, here's where I play the guessing game
But I'm not doing so to gain fortune and fame
If it is a girl, like Grace, it will be pretty
Perhaps grow up to be chatty and kind of witty
If it's a boy, handsome and slick
Like Lawrence, when choosing a partner
The child will soon develop his dad's special technique

Like an evening breeze and stars at night
The child will bring sheer delight
To both your families
Love will never cease
But, Grace & Lawrence, there must be more
That will add to the joy of Singapore
So, to the lovey-dovey couple
I say, “You should try for a double!!!”
Congrats, Lawrence & Grace
Your child in our hearts is guaranteed a place!


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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