Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A beautiful & unforgettable dining experience, courtesy of Rose Boon & her charismatic group

“Friends are like street lights along the road, they don't make the distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile!”

On Tuesday 23rd February 2010, Rose Boon, her sister, Frances and friends Gwen & Jan treated my wife, Doris & I to a sumptuous Lunar New Year Dinner at the Singapore Island Country Club. Rose and her team are members of the charismatic group from the Church of St Ignatius. Rose has always been very supportive to both Doris and I and these thoughtful gestures certainly have helped in my wife's recovery from schizophrenia. Indeed the love and kindness that she has displayed for several years will live in our hearts forever.

This is a strange cpoincidence: Some 30 years ago, during my public relations stint in broadcasting, I was one of the three staff who hosted a lunch for a former VVIP at this prestigious club. And now 30 years later, I sat there tucking in on the delicious dishes, and beautiful memories came streaming back. I never dreamt that I would one day come back to this place and enjoy the lovely ambience and GREAT food, with GREAT fellowship. I was actually a rose among the thorns or should I say a torn among the pretty roses.

Doris loves cooked lobsters, but because we cannot afford this dish, we have opted not to buy it. But through the kindness of the Lord who is the “Listener to every conversation”, Doris was able to enjoy lobsters that were flown in from Boston. This was made possible by Rose and company. The fellowship that night was simply fantastic and when we reached home at 8.45pm Doris slept like a baby – contented, happy, pleased to know that wonderful Catholics sent by the Lord made her Lunar New Year in 2010 so very special. My wife felt so loved and even though her family members do not see the need to spend a few minutes to visit or talk to her, God sent His lovely children in the form of these kind-hearted charismatic members to more than make up for the love that is clearly lacking in my wife's family.

Praise the Lord for you have shown us the Light at the end of the Dark Tunnel!


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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