Thursday, February 4, 2010

Build undeground walkway to enable safe travel; Raymond's letter to the New Paper

My letter to the New Paper on the above subject has been published in the New Paper today, Thursday, 4 Feb 2010, page 20.

I have been following the reports regarding the dangerous stretch along Upper Thomson Road which have claimed the lives of two innocent elderly citizens.

Due to arthritis and weak knees, many of our elderly people have great difficulty walking.

Hence, one third elderly parishioners of the Church of Holy Spirit, including my wife finds it exhausting climbing the overhead bridge.

My wife who has arthritis cannot use the traffic light at the junction of Upper Thomson Road because she walks very slowly with the aid of a quad stick.

My wife often has to skip Sunday masses because of these poor traffic conditions.

Even hailing a taxi outside the church after mass is dangerous as speeding cars can knock you down easily. It almost happened to me two months ago.

Our seniors deserve better support.

I am therefore disturbed that the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) response was that this dangerous stretch at Upper Thomson Road is not a “hot spot” for accidents.

How many tragedies must take place before the LTA acts?

An underground walkway that stretches outside the Post Office right up to Thomson Plaza will enable our elderly citizens who worship at the church to travel safetly.

At Thomson Plaza, many of our seniors can buy their groceries at the supermarket, have a meal and even do some shopping.

The taxi stand located there is also convenient for our elderly folks.

Hence, there is economic value tagged with this suggestion.


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