Sunday, December 14, 2008

The true meaning of Christmas

It is not the riches that we have, nor the high positions that we brag about that make us better citizens. It is not the material things that we can freely buy that make Christmas joyful. But it is the love we can give to another fellow human being in dire straits that makes Christmas special. At Christmas, we should spare a thought for those who are in less than fortunate circumstances. In Cambodia, children who are poor, light up a simple Christmas tree in a campfire and sing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Christ, and they are so happy with this simple celebration.

My wife and I would like to spend Christmas with children as kids bring so much joy to the world. Some church friends have offered to come by to spend Christmas with us, knowing fully well that family members do not see to do so. Our church has invited us to spend a Sunday morning with some volunteers over lunch and fellowship. These thoughtful gestures have shown us the true meaning of Christmas.

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