Monday, December 1, 2008


An Isolated Christmas

Church bells ring
Melodious carols, the choir sings
Christmas cards delivered everyday
Soon it will be Christmas day

He sits alone on the chair
Overcome with bitterness,
He sinks into despair
The sea brings some relief to him
Where days are gloomy and dim

Like Victor (not his real name),
AIDS people are lonely and discriminated
Many are helpless, isolated
They are shunned and hated
40 million infected people worldwide
Shameful to speak of their plight,
They stay out of sight

The sounds of a child’s laughter fills him with joy
The child gestures to Victor to play with her toys
Victor accepts the invitation to play with her
He soon retreats, the child’s mother’s disgruntled face
Instill, in Victor, so much fear
Hidden tears make Victor feel like an island,

Society must give AIDS infected people a ray of hope
For being supportive will help them cope
Public education on AIDS is so important
For they are also God’s children and must not be forgotten

During Christmas, as churches and homes light up candles everywhere
People with aids too, need love and tender care
For light is not the wick, nor the candle, nor the burning
But love
That is a virtue, which AIDS people are yearning


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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