Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Slippery Journey

The Slippery Journey:
An uplifting message specially dedicated to local TV actor,
Chew Chor Meng

Dear Chor Meng,
Your journey may seem uncertain, unkind and tough
Tough and unkind, like the raging sea that can be so rough
Trust in God and HE will give you courage
Courage, to give you strength to face each day
Each day, have faith, for faith can bring renewed hope
And I’m certain your loving family will help you cope

Stop and smell the roses, see the beauty of a sunset
For the beauty of a sunset brings serenity
And undoubtedly, serenity will give you peace of mind
Reflect on the wonderful memories you shared with your wife
Your wife that has added so much colour in your life
When you play with your daughters, see the joy in their eyes
For the sparkle in their eyes will heal your cries
Hug your mother and dry her tears
And she will have no fears

Chor Meng, continue to love and live
When you love, you will give
When you give, you will score
And when you score,
Surely God will love you even more

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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