Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Gift of Love

Friends noticed her eyes looked
discolored and pale
Even her food tasted stale
Andrea told doctors that she had
consumed slimming pills
Was this the reason that forced her
to become seriously ill?

Learning that her liver was failing, doctors
decided on an operation
A liver transplant was needed and it
could only come Pierre, her boyfriend
who worked with Andrea in a local TV station
Pierre had to make a decision,
Perhaps, the biggest in his life
But he was willing to donate part of his liver
For Andrea was destined to become his wife

Pierre, you are a noble human being, a true giver
You decided to give part of your liver
Surely this gesture is an act of Love
Inherited surely from the good LORD above
Andrea, now that the operation is a success
Put on hold all work commitments,
for your health is of primary importance
and you should settle for nothing less


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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