Thursday, August 29, 2019

Raymond’s on-going journey to bring a better tomorrow

Dear all,


My trip to Selangor (KL) for a meeting with a mental health NGO (MIASA) whose Patron is the daughter of the Malaysian King on 22nd August went well – and they are impressed with my sharing on how I took care of my late wife Doris Lau who battled schizophrenia for 40 years, eventually bringing her to a full recovery.  Before Doris died, she authored 8 books with my coaching.  MIASA plans to secure sponsorship and invite me back next year to speak on schizophrenia & depression at public forums. They have 500 caregivers.

There were concerns when there were disruptions at the KL airport over WIFI breakdowns and computer issues, but the staff at the hotel where I stayed and the airport officers were very helpful.  I prayed to Jesus and HE protected me and brought me home safe & sound.

The flight stewardess, Miss Cassie Wong at Jetstar was awesome, chatted with me during the 1-hour flight and gave me a delicious muffin. Nice to know that kindness and empathy is spreading. Going the extra mile helps a great deal.

 It has not been easy for me to secure support, as some critics have heavily criticized me. But I remain steadfast and am grateful for some kind Catholics who rallied around me and sponsored my trip including accommodation at KL   They include a European gentleman whose daughter has special needs. He told me he supports me as it is a worthwhile project I am embarking on.

I am indeed also grateful to IMH management & their staff for the wonderful support they have – and continue to give me as I try my best to help caregivers trying to cope with taking care of loved ones with mental illness. IMH. I manged to secure sponsorship for my late wife’s very first book COOK WITH LOVE.   

My next project will be another book on kindness (See covers attached).

I am encouraged by the support from kind people who believe in me, one of whom is a professional, His review of my earlier book on kindness sums up my commitment & dedication to make this world a far better place.  On all accounts we can each make a difference.

“Mr Fernando speaks from the expertise of vast experience; his tales are taken from everyday encounters that we sometimes underrate or understate in our haste to fill up every 24 hours as quickly as possible. Written by a HDB heartlander with heart well-grounded in the heartlands. Take a listen.”




Raymond Anthony Fernando

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