Thursday, September 5, 2019

On-going enriching marriage commitment programmes needed to combat greying divorce: An open public suggestion to Desmond Lee, Minister for Family & Social Development & the Cabinet

3rd September 2019


It is a worrying trend that seniors are ending their marriage after being together for decades (Divorces among seniors in Singapore going up, Sept, 2)

It is a sad reality that grey divorce appears to be a new demographic trend, and this has accelerated in the 21st century. 

Getting married is easy, but staying married is another matter entirely.  Even more challenging is staying committed to each other throughout the rest of their lives.

The divorce experience is emotionally and financially traumatic and includes a long list of psychological side effects that so often leads to burnout.  Where there are adult children involved, the break up will wreak havoc as, out of no choice, children will have to put their personal lives on hold to handle difficult situations at home.

To help bring down grey divorce, it would be useful to have programmes that helps couples value the marriage vows which they took when they signed on the dotted line,

One way is to have the marriage encounter programme for married seniors carried out every 5 years. These 10 to 12 sessions have proven effective in getting married couples to value the bonds of marriage. 

Testimonies from couples who have stayed resilient throughout their marriage journey could be invited to share their joyful experiences to motivate and inspire all attending.

Given that seniors may find it a challenge to pay for the programmes, it will help a great deal if such sessions can be fully sponsored or given subsidies by the organisers.


Raymond Anthony Fernando


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