Thursday, September 19, 2019

Opinion piece:  Show empathy, compassion and kindness to maids


I fully endorse the kindness, understanding that employers display to their hired helpers (Treat maids with respect, compassion, Sep 11, 2019)

Many of these helpers who come from poorer countries leave their families back home to earn better wages here in Singapore. It is a big sacrifice which all employers must appreciate.

When we are sensitive to the needs of maids and treat them well, as the writer has done, they will in turn look after the employer and all members of the household.

Most of our maids are up at the crack of dawn and work till as late at 10pm almost every day.   Find time to chat with the maid so that cordial relationships develop, bearing in mind that as friends, we tend to be more giving.

We need to create a people-centric culture to fully understand that working together helps to achieve a common goal. No harm in lending a hand to the maid when it comes to doing household chores.  Children who observe such kindness will grow up to be more caring citizens.

I have seen maids carrying the school bags of their employers’ children and showering them with love and kindness.  Ultimately, such virtues will translate into lifelong relationships and help to make this a far better world.

While eating my lunch at the market today, Wednesday 18th September 2019, I saw a Filipino maid taking her lunch which was paid for by her employer. I was in 2 minds. Happy that she has meals, but saddened that she leaves her home to earn better wages in Singapore. It's terrible to be without food.

Given that I have diabetes my hunger pangs are many. And if I don't take food I will collapse.

Let’s rally around them and bring happiness to these foreign domestic helpers who are also human beings.








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