Sunday, November 2, 2014

Raising awareness of mental illness, marriage and other social issues by Raymond -through Weekender

There are several articles which I have written to the newspaper– “Weekender” and it can be read here by clicking onto the links provided.

Long live advocacy!
Happy reading, folks.

(1) Dedicated caregiver to wife with schizophrenia shares his heart-wrenching journey

(2) Reach out to the mentally ill for an inclusive society

(3) So what if you are a graduate?

(4) Palliative care–not just for patients with cancer

(5)  Kindness of good Samaritan, Ms Noriza, can build a better society

(6)  Let’s understand mental illness from those who walk the journey

(7)  Hawker food prices increase: A CASE of high rentals

(8)  Take a leaf from those in a blissful inter-racial marriage

(9)  Consider giving writing grants to persons with disabilities and caregivers

(10)  Workers will be motivated when bosses care for their well-being


(11)  Have a variety of ordinary honourable Singaporeans cast in wax

More articles written by me….coming your way–real soon. Stay tunedJ
Raymond Anthony Fernando




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