Thursday, November 27, 2014

PUBLIC TRANSPORT FARE REVIEW : Companies profitable, so why raise fares? - Raymond writes to the press

My letter on the above subject is published today, Thursday 27th November 2014 in The New Paper on page 18.

With a fare review on the cards, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has urged the Public Transport Council (PTC) to study if it is possible to insulate vulnerable groups such as senior citizens from fare increases or at least mitigate the impact on this group as reported in “Protect certain groups from hikes” (The New Paper, Nov 20).

Despite this assurance from the minister, the majority of our citizens are going to finding it hard to cope with non-stop price increases.

With the transport operators reaping in profits year in and year out, why is there the need to increase fares every year? 

What about those who are without jobs and have families to feed?

What about medical costs and food prices that are rising?

Last year, despite a hue and cry from Singaporeans, the PTC went ahead and increased the fares.

The government says it values feedback, but is it really listening? 

Raymond Anthony Fernando


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