Friday, November 28, 2014

Raymond' letter to The Straits Times: Sterling service from cruise ship's foreign staff

My letter to The Straits Times on the above subject was published on Friday 28th November 2014.

Whenever there is a shortage of staff, service standards are likely to fall.  So I am not surprised that tourists are displeased with the service levels in our hotels and restaurants (“More tourists unhappy with hotels, restaurants”; Wednesday).

Generally, when customers have to wait longer than necessary for their meals, it is inevitable that they will become unhappy, bearing in mind that “a hungry man is an angry man”.

With the Singapore Tourism Board spending millions of dollars to attract tourists, it is crucial to ensure that the food and beverage industry is adequately staffed with employees who are trained to go the extra mile to please customers.

Although there are objections in some quarters to the hiring of foreigners, it would be helpful to learn from them a thing or two about customer service.

On my recent two-night trip on board the SuperStar Gemini, I observed how the foreign service staff – Filipinos, Indians, Vietnamese and Indians – took so much pride in their work. Their hospitality, friendliness and thoughtfulness, coupled with their willingness to go the extra mile, will no doubt entice customers to book holidays on this ship again.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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