Monday, April 23, 2018

Raymond's letter to The New Paper: E-scooters are a menace, ban them

My press letter to The New Paper is published today, Monday 23rd April 2018


I commend the civic-minded students who gave chase to a hit -and -run e-scooter rider as reported in “ITE students chase AMK hit-and-run e-scooterist” (The New Paper, April 20)

 Numerous people, young to old, have been injured in such incidents.


And it is most disturbing is that these e-bikers are not taking responsibility. Many of them do not properly control their devices or slowing down when there are people walking around. 


It is also not uncommon for e-scooter riders to suddenly whizz past people waiting at bus stops.


I myself was almost knocked down by e-scooter riders on two occasions.


Besides causing much distress to the accident victims and their families, the resources of the hospitals and the police are being unnecessarily stretched. 


 If stern action is not taken to stop this menace from maiming and killing innocent road users, our roads will no longer be safe.


While it may be convenient for e-scooterists to use such devices, it is most inconvenient and dangerous to other road users.

I therefore urge the authorities to consider imposing a total ban on e-scooters.



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