Monday, December 12, 2016

Bring back the TV series The Green Hornet in memory of Williams and Lee


This article brought back beautiful memories of the exciting action-packed TV series “The Green Hornet” in the early years “(TV’s Green Hornet feared series would be silly” Life! Section of The Straits Times  Dec 7, 2016).


I still recall how the superb acting skills of Van Williams and his co-star Bruce Lee combined with marital arts skills drew thunderous applause from people from all walks of life in the village as well as in the community centres.  It was hilarious to witness the youngsters clapping their hands and yelling their heads out when the duo gave a thrashing to the bad guys in every episode. Most certainly, the show was the perfect way to build the community spirit.


In agreeing to participate in the series, Williams made it abundantly clear that he was going to play it straight and was not in favour of including other characters like Batman in the show which he termed would be silly.  This paid off handsomely and the series became a smash hit –not just here in Singapore, but in so many other countries.


As a fitting tribute to Lee and Williams, it would be good if the series could be brought back on national television and shown at community centres island-wide.  This is also a good way to provide nostalgic entertainment to our pioneers whom I am sure would welcome the revival of the show.


Will MediaCorp TV rise to the occasion? I urge CEO Shaun Seow and Dr Yacoob Ibrahim, the Minister of communications and information to explore this possibility.



Raymond Anthony Fernando


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