Monday, October 27, 2014

Raymond's letter to The New Paper: BOY BEATEN ON MRT TRAIN

My letter on the above matter is published today, Monday 27th Oct 2014 in The New Paper, page 16.  
What happened on an MRT train in full view of many passengers was shocking, as reported in “Woman whacks boy with umbrella until it breaks” (The New Paper, Oct 24).

Attempts should have been made to stop her because children who are victims of verbal and physical abuse can suffer the psychological effects later in life. 

If the abuser is daring enough to beat the child in such a way in public, I cannot imagine what is happening at home.

I find it disturbing that the other passengers did not seem to have done much, other than record the episode on video. Couldn’t someone have at least pressed the emergency button in the train to alert the MRT staff?  

As rightly pointed out by SMRT’s vice-president Patrick Nathan, commuters must take social responsibility to offer assistance in such cases. 

As active citizens, taking care of each other should be part and parcel of our daily lives.

I hope the authorities will thoroughly investigate this incident, and send the woman for counselling.


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