Saturday, October 18, 2014

Raymond's letter to the Life Section of The Straits Times: Huang great as a devoted mother

My letter to The Straits Times’ Life Section on the above matter is published today, Saturday 18th October 2014.

With the growing importance of women taking on a bigger role in society, I am glad that three-time Best Actress Huang Biren is returning to Chinese TV dramas.

She will play a dedicated wife in the new MediaCorp drama series, 3 wishes (Huang returns to TV, Life , Oct 15).

As rightly pointed out by executive producer, Molby Low, “Women are usually the ones who hold the families together.”

Huang is indeed a devoted mother.

I have seen her taking good care of her children in the Catholic Church I worship.  When we face challenges in life, we are able to better identify with the situation, as was the case with Huang, who had to cope with surgery to remove a 10 cm cyst in one of her kidneys in April  last year.  

I have every confidence that the actress will be able to give a shining performance as the mother who, despite facing many challenges, remains dedicated to her family. 

It is a show that I am sure many of her die-hard fans will look forward to.


Raymond Anthony Fernando


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