Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Elvis connection

In less than a week’s time, we will be celebrating Elvis Presley’s 74th anniversary. Elvis has made such an impact on so many people in the world; myself included.

As a tribute to the late King, I have composed this poem for Elvis and hope readers will enjoy reading this tribute penned straight from my heart in 2004.

The Elvis connection:
A tribute to the late Elvis Presley
Many contenders,
Many pretenders,
Many impersonators
They all want to sing,
Like the king
They seek fame,
Elvis, they want to be associated with your name
The sideburns,
The pouting lips,
The shaking hips,
Elvis, you wooed them all
And fans had a ball
Your songs that are solid gold,
Millions of records that you sold
Elvis, you gave us the magic,
You gave us the music
"Are you lonesome tonight?” "It's now or never",
" Jailhouse rock" and countless hits that makes everyone tick
Elvis, you gave us the memories
That will last for centuries
Raymond Anthony Fernando

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