Friday, January 30, 2009


I am deeply saddened of the news that Mr. Richard Stanley has been stricken with Leukemia.
This poem that I wrote on 29th January 2009, I hope will help in Mr. Richard Stanley’s recovery.

A poem specially dedicated to Mr. Richard Stanley, CEO of DBS Bank

Dear Mr. Richard Stanley,

You took on the job despite it being an enormous task
Your dedication and commitment will always be remembered
And in my heart, your courage will forever last
Words cannot express my sadness over your falling seriously ill
Don’t despair, Mr. Stanley, trust in GOD
And HE will give you the strength and the will
My wife and I will light a candle for you this weekend
We will pray for your full recovery as best as we can
We will pray for your family members as well
For pain and sadness must be written on their faces
This for sure, I can tell
Through your family’s love and support, miracles can take place
Then the happiness and joy will set upon all of them by God’s grace
My wife and I hope that you will have a full recovery
And when you’re back on your feet again, Mr. Stanley
Hey! Wouldn’t that be lovely?


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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