Friday, May 4, 2018

Most disturbing the lack of support for the mentally ill & their caregivers

Not at all easy to get sponsorship for my books from charitable organisations even though management at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH)IMH endorses and fully supports my request.

Shaw Foundation and Tan Chin Tuan Foundation both rejected my appeal, now going to another charity.

I just can’t believe that Singapore has so many millionaires, but many turn a blind eye to the marginalised in Singapore. What a shame, only $600 was my request to reprint 200 copies of my novel LOVING A SCHIZOPHRENIC, and they refuse to help!

Now a third attempt to secure funding, this time going to a Rotary Club, and hopefully with my submitting two press articles, I will get it, this time around.

How can we ever call ourselves a caring and compassionate society?

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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