Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The candles will burn bright –for two nights: A farewell poetic tribute to Siva Choy

He was a man of many talents whom we all love and adore

Siva, your music, your brand of humour always brings much joy to

Singapore shores

The CD “Why U so like Dat?”  which you were a part of Siva, was a smash


My family had barrels of laughter listening to this CD, day in, day out, bit by



It was only last week, Siva that I was listening to The Dew – your hit song

And it breaks my heart to hear that you are now gone

When I heard the sad news, I just could not sleep

Then, silently, I began to weep

Like all Singaporeans, my heart is filled with sorrow

For this lovely jovial man – will not be there tomorrow


Siva, by his wacky-styled Singlish always cared

He wanted humour to weave into our lives, so his jokes, he always shared

With Siva’s passing, the lives of his beloved wife, Illsa Sharp and other

relatives now take a different turn

But the lighted candle in my home for two nights, will burn


Although Siva, from this earth, may be gone,

But his music, his love for mankind will live on and on

It is some consolation that he left us in peace

Siva, our love for you will never cease


I know for sure, Siva, you will be in God’s home

For you will be among the finest, and you will not be alone

 My deepest condolences to you, Illsa Sharp and all family members

Siva, your caring nature is a virtue that everyone remembers



 Raymond Anthony Fernando


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