Monday, December 11, 2017

Launch of Website: Beautiful, unforgettable memories

We are a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate in giving back to society with our primary objective of keeping the memories of those who passed on, very much alive. 
2. Death is often viewed as a taboo subject which most people avoid talking about. Yet dying is very much a part of life’s journey.
3. Our website,, the first ever in Singapore, was founded on two fundamental principles:
(a) To enable everyone to be remembered.  As conventional obituaries are too costly for many Singaporeans, our website provides free online obituaries for any of these citizens who passes away.
(b) We want to improve individual and societal well-being through the expression of words. In reaching out to the living who have lost their loved ones, we are committed in helping them cope with grief as we rally around them in their recovery, taking into account the negative impact of post-traumatic stress disorders which is documented in many academic studies in the field of psychology.
4. Our flagship feature is the online time capsule, which is the first of its kind in the world. Scheduled emails will be fired to the recipients at the user prescribed date, 20 years, 25 years and beyond. For example, your child will receive your message at his or her 21th birthday, 30th birthday, so on and so forth. There is deep emotional closure and reassurance in play.  Moreover, this special feature will be beneficial to those with dementia or life-threatening illnesses such as cancer.

The media is a useful platform to highlight social issues, which we are staunch advocates of and to get the public to understand that it is perfectly alright to discuss death given that Singapore faces a fast ageing population.
I am now a Feature Writer and Public Relations Director of, a beautiful website, the first of its kind in Singapore.


Our tagline: Life is a book. We fill the pages

Zinnia means remembrance, and Afternote means a note after the main body of a text. And in our case, the text is life, the main body is the deceased.

The zinnia flower has several meanings including thoughts of friends, endurance, daily remembrance, goodness and lasting affection. The Victorian meaning of zinnias is thoughts of an absent friend. Of the heart. Lasting affection.

More than 20 years ago, I was involved in Public Relations (PR) work in the then-Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) where I handled media relations, guest relations, liaison work, conducted tours and planning and executing VIP shows,

I loved my PR job, and in some strange way, another PR job now comes back to me.

The articles that I write have been well received from near and far. For instance, the article that I wrote on MY BLUE CHRISTMAS has, within 48 hours, garnered 1,500 likes, from Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Malaysia and here in Singapore.

We are going to launch our website in mid-January 2018.  

Do pass the word around &  rally around us to help us make this website a successful one.

Thank you.


Raymond Anthony Fernando

Feature Writer & Public Relations Director

Website of




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