Monday, November 20, 2017

An awesome website in ZinniaAfternote

Dear readers,

Do take time to visit this beautiful website which I have collaboration with. I thank the Good Lord and my beloved wife for opening new doors into my life – bringing this new website and her owners into my life. Here’s where I have the opportunity to express my writings in a constructive and positive way.  And I am very uplifted!

I have placed my late wife and sister’s obituaries here to honour – both of them whom our families loved deeply.

I am also a feature writer here and you can read my articles here – every month.

What ZinniaAfternote believes in

ZinniaAfternote leads the social movement to empower people to freely express their emotions.

We believe that both written and spoken expression of tragic life events will aid emotional closure and improve the overall well-being. ZinniaAfternote will provide our community with indefinite access to live obituaries and drafting of wills without an expense.

We acknowledged that time is the only constant that allows us human beings to rationalize humanity.

Obituaries will be permanently stored in our SmartOrbit-Obituaries platform to enable users with unprecedented access to post, edit, and share heart-felt words for the deceased in the most private moments. Family and friends are encouraged to participate altogether; as in such difficult times, we believe that social support is essential for recovery from grief.

We will look deep into our society, sending missionaries to the far-reached communities to capture the greatest legacy stories of our time and publish on ZinniaAfternote.

We would like to extend our invitation to established pro-social organizations, public and private social support groups to join our efforts to promote a collective learning and overall well-being.

A beautiful tagline

Life is a book. We fill the pages.


Happy reading & have a great day, folks😊  Do pass the word around. Thanks & God bless!



Raymond Anthony Fernando


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