Sunday, September 10, 2017

Raymond A Fernando's letter to The Sunday Times: Reward couples for every decade of marriage

My press letter to The Straits Times is published today, Sunday 10th September 2017.
It is a good effort on the part of the Registry of Marriages (ROM) to accord recognition to couples who have stayed committed to each other for 50 years, and to present them with a commemorative marriage certificate (Renew vows to mark 50 years of marriage; Sept 3).
Undoubtedly, couples who take responsibility to work hard and make the partnership grow and blossom will stay together.
In embarking on the marriage journey, both husband and wife must be aware that it may not be smooth sailing, and there may be some bumps on the way.
Let us remember that great partnerships are not born, but have to be developed through the years.
So, why recognise only couples who have remained married for 50 years? Why not consider rewarding couples at different periods in their marriage journey?
For example, for every 10 years of marriage, couples can be accorded some form of recognition. Some rewards can be in the form of shopping or dining vouchers, or holiday packages, with better rewards the longer the marriage lasts.
I am confident that sponsors will willingly step forward to support this cause.
Raymond Anthony Fernando

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