Sunday, January 31, 2016

My thoughts, my views, my concerns: A love story that will go on and on

I was deeply moved when I read about the passing of a remarkable husband in The Man Who Discovered And Married Celine Dion (Life Section,The Straits Times, January 16. )

Celebrities are often discovered when just one person believes in another, and this was so true in the case of Rene Angelil who was so struck by Celine Dion’s voice that he took a gamble and mortgaged his house to finance the diva’s debut album – which eventually led to her successful musical career.

The couple has also proven beyond a shadow of doubt that age is just a number when it comes to relationship and that although Rene battled cancer for a long period, Celine stood by her man through thick and thin. Never raising the white flag at any point in time.

For couples deeply in love, they would want to spend their final moments in a loving environment. To this end, it was poignant reading of how Celine coaxed her hubby into asking him to talk to her about his life-threatening illness to which his reply was he would want to die in her arms. 

Most certainly, the doting couple has carried out their marriage vows in every sense of the word by caring and loving one another ‘in sickness and in health, for better or worse’, and we can all learn from Rene and Celine.   No doubt with this staunch commitment which the couple has clearly demonstrated, the admiration in our hearts for them, will go on and on.


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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