Thursday, January 28, 2016

Letter to The Straits Times Forum Page: Teach all drivers survival skills

An edited version of my letter on the above subject appears in The Straits Times Forum Page today, Thursday 28th January 2016.

Perhaps it is time to make it compulsory for all driving instructors to teach survival and crisis skills in driving lessons, so that fewer lives many be lost during an accident(“Experts’ advice on what to do if trapped in a car underwater;” Tuesday).


Raymond Anthony Fernando

Footnote:  This was my submission  that was edited:
Losing a loved one in a tragedy is painful enough, but it is even more devastating when two immediate relatives die at the same time in an accident that is mind boggling (“Relatives struggle to make sense of accident”; Tuesday).
Even though he has two relatives who are was probably his whole world, Mr Robin Poon can be comforted to know that he has been a loving and dedicated husband to his wife and a doting father to his only daughter. 
Even though my wife has passed away more than 18 months ago, I still find it hard to believe that she left me so suddenly.  Undoubtedly, grief will take a long time to heal, so we must all rally around and support those who struggle to find answers. 


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