Friday, December 4, 2015

Public suggestion: SPH should consider investing in TV and movie productions to raise revenue


Dear Dr Yaccob,

Given that the internet makes it so very convenient for users to access news and other information at hardly any costs, it is timely that that the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) is making the right move to invest in other areas to source for additional revenue ( “SPH committed to find new revenue sources, say chairman”; 1st December 2015).

Even local writers and their book publishers are losing out to the internet and some have to end up winding their core business and look for other ways to bring in the dollars.

Given that SPH has been pretty successful in reaching out to listeners on the radio channel of Kiss92, with John Klass, Maddy, Arnold and Jason, I fervently believe that SPH could increase her revenue by investing in television and film productions.  As a pilot project, SPH could have joint projects with MediaCorp and established local film producers and even overseas producers.  I have every confidence that advertisers would not hesitate to air their products and services on these networks as SPH has a good reputation.

There are many moving real life stories of Singaporeans who have gone through huge adversities in life and have come out stronger than ever; and such real life challenges are bound to touch the audience – be in on the small screen or in the cinemas.

There is a win-win situation with this proposal as young talented graduates and even former broadcasters who can serve as mentors can help build up the industry.

In this day and age, if businesses are to survive, both the SPH and MediaCorp must not see each other as competitors, but rather as partners. 

I appreciate a reply from your ministry, please, Minister.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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rayhope said...

Dear Dr Yacaob,

I had made a proposal , sent it to you and SPH and MediaCorp on 4th December (that is like 6 days ago) and I have yet to receive a reply from all the parties concerned; your ministry included.

When a member of the public takes on active citizenry and wants to contribute to the wellbeing of the nation, then it is only proper that a reply, even if it is an interim one, should be forthcoming. Let us not be afraid of restructuring, but work together to build a better future for Singapore. With all of you in the business of communications, let's just do that -Communicate.

It is unproductive for me to write more than one email to be able to secure a reply. To this end, I would like to hear from you OR the relevant parties involved.


Raymond Anthony Fernando