Friday, December 18, 2015

Letter to The Straits Times: Send a ray of light to the Philippines

My letter to The Straits Times on the above matter is published today - Friday 18th December 2015.

I was saddened to read the report of Typhoon Melor, which has wreaked havoc in the Philippines (“Typhoon leaves millions without power in Philippines”; Wednesday).

Even though Filipinos are resilient, and typhoons often batter their country, we should never turn a blind eye to their suffering.

The disasters cause power failures. Families live in darkness.

Water supply is poor, leaving many who have sickness to suffer even more. The humid tropical climate creates even more suffering.

I urge all nations and people who are financially secure to rally around the Filipinos and end their suffering by providing a range of support – from financial to expertise and materials.

For example, charitable organisations can supply battery-operated fans and portable lights for households to use during power failures.

The Red Cross, Mercy Relief and Tzu Chi Foundation can coordinate relief efforts to lift the human spirit and bring a ray of light to everyone living in the Philippines.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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