Thursday, September 17, 2015

Raymond Anthony Fernando’s letter to the press: Dr Chee deserves a second chance

My letter to Medicorp’s TODAY Newspaper on the above matter is published today, Thursday 17th September 2015.

I refer to the report, “SDP to explore working closer with WP next time out: Chee” (Sept 14).

It is heartening that the Singapore Democratic Party is considering working with the Workers’ Party (WP) for the next General Election, to help bring about a more unified Opposition, which is good for Singapore in the long run.

From the rallies and campaigning, it was clear to me that SDP chief Chee Soon Juan has mellowed, turned over a new leaf and is contributing to the changing political climate here.

When I read that he had spent the weekend with his family after an “intense past week”, I felt for him and his family. Despite setbacks, he has not raised the white flag but has persevered with the support of his wife and children.
Making a living out of publishing books is not easy, especially if one is unable to secure sponsorship and find suitable platforms to market them. As a writer trying to put food on my table, I know this well.
I recall how Dr Chee was shunned when he was peddling his books at different locations to earn a living. It must have been a humbling experience, but I am happy the tide has turned, with more Singaporeans believing in him and lending him support.
Like anyone else, Dr Chee should be given a second chance in life. So, let us not put down a fallen man, but help to lift the human spirit. Anyone who struggles in life but perseveres through trial and error should be able to see the rainbow after the storm.



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