Monday, June 22, 2015

Verghese’s music should be sold in tribute: Raymond A Fernando’s letter to the press

My letter to MediaCorp’s TODAY Newspaper on the above personality is published today, Monday 22nd June 2015.

Having enjoyed the music of The Quests for decades, I was saddened by the death of its popular guitarist Reggie Verghese, who had to grapple with ill health over the past few years (“The Quests’ Reggie Verghese dies, aged 67”; June 18).

He reminded me of Hank Marvin, lead guitarist of The Shadows. To this day, I can listen to the The Quests over and over, and not get bored.

I recall the days of black-and-white television, when the group was on many local shows.

It was a pleasure to watch and listen to Verghese perform. He was a guitar maestro who, together with his band, took local music to a high level and influenced other performers to contribute to the music industry.

To cherish and remember the icon he was, our radio stations could accord a fitting tribute to Verghese by playing the band’s music. It would also help if record companies could reproduce and market the music of The Quests on CD, which many Singaporeans, young and old, would surely buy. In celebration and support of SG50, seniors could be offered a discount.

Many of  our local performers who can no longer secure contracts because of ageing issues may have difficulty paying for medical treatments. As part of efforts to recognise these musicians who brought glory to Singapore’s music scene, I propose that a fund be set up to help them with such expenses. A person should not be forgotten just because he or she is ill.







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