Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Raymond's take on Sabah Earthquake: Letter to The Straits Times: Look out for those facing crises

My letter to The Straits Times on the above subject is published today, Tuesday 9th June 2015.

It must be traumatic for relatives whose loved ones have either died or are feared dead following the earthquake that struck Mount Kinabalu (“9 S’poreans feared dead in quake; Sunday).

We are living in a very uncertain world today, where natural disasters, terrorism, wars and deadly infectious diseases are claiming the lives of innocent adults and children.

Losing loved ones through such senseless tragedies will leave relatives feeling unsure, shaken and vulnerable.  Shock, anger, sudden depression and despair is the order of the day.  I know only too well this feeling of hopelessness, when I lost my wife through a sudden attack of pneumonia.

When we face a crisis, it helps tremendously when there is support from all quarters.  It is helpful when kind-hearted people walk alongside us during periods of uncertainly.  To this end, I commend the Singapore Government, which is doing its best to provide assistance to save and reclaim life.

The Ministry of Education is rallying behind families and asking for community support.  I was also touched by the people who took time off to go to the airport to provide that much-needed emotional support.

Let us all live a life with no regrets by always looking out for out for one another, reviving the kampung spirit and neighbourliness.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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