Saturday, May 9, 2015

Making a mixed marriage work: Raymond's letter to The Straits Times’ Life Section

My letter on the above subject was published in the Life section of The Straits Times today, Saturday 9th May 2015.

Being Eurasian and married to my Chinese wife for 40 years, I relate very well to the challenges which many of the couples featured in Mixed and Match (Sunday Life!, May 3) .   

Mixed marriages give couples a golden opportunity to learn about each other’s culture, language and religion.

Being a Teochew Peranakan, my wife and her family taught me the rich culture and the fine cuisine the Peranakans are famous for.   

In turn, my mother, a Catholic Eurasian shared her Christian faith and beliefs to my wife.  

Together we build a strong and lasting bond that has kept our marriage intact for four decades.

Raymond Anthony Fernando


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