Sunday, March 8, 2015

Letter to The Sunday Times: SMRT staff’s action an example for all

My letter to The Sunday Times on the above matter is published today – Sunday 8th March 2015.

While most operations and businesses would have been scaled down during the Chinese New Year celebrations, leaving a shortage of workers, the SMRT staff who helped retrieve the $50 that Mr Nishal John Vethanayagam had dropped while on the escalator, most certainly deserves worthy praise (“Just a $50 note, but SMRT staff’s effort priceless”; Feb 22).

If we want to truly grow as a society, all of us need to journey together, to support and encourage one another, to share with each other and be accountable to one another.

As an enlightened nation that is willing to bring in foreigners to work here and contribute to the growth of our economy, the exceptional kindness shown by the SMRT staff will not only enhance the image of the train operator, but will also help put Singapore on the world map as a caring society.

Such virtues can facilitate the acceptance of foreigners working and living here. I hope that Mr Vethanayagam’s appreciative post on Facebook will help to inspire others to adopt kindness as part of everyday living, so that Singapore will become the best city to work, live and play in.

Raymond Anthony Fernando



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