Saturday, March 14, 2015

Letter to The Straits Times’ ST Life: Not easy to play Lee Kuan Yew

My letter to The Straits Times’ Life! Section on the above matter is published today, Saturday 14th March 2015.

It is heartening to find out in The Two Faces of LKY … (Life! March 7) that a movie and a play are being produced on former Prime Minister Lee Juan Yew.

Like Lim Kay Tong, Adrian Pang, who will play Mr Lee in a musical, is a great actor. I have watched several of his TV shows, including Red Thread and enjoyed his performances.  

Playing Lee Kuan Yew is no easy task, but I have every confidence that Pang’s acting skills and good diction will make the musical a success story.

For sure, people will ask: Who gave a better performance? Lim Kay Tong or Adrian Pang? 

In a competitive entertainment industry, comparisons are inevitable, but this would motivate both actors to give their best and thus do justice to the greatest politician of our time.  In the end, the audience can only benefit.


Raymond Anthony Fernando 

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