Saturday, December 13, 2014

Raymond's letter to  The Straits Times Life Section: Writing a good way to heal

My letter on the above subject is published today, Saturday 13th December 2014 in The Straits Times, Life Section.

While writing about our struggles in life, though may be painful at the initial stage, it is a good way to heal, and I speak from my own experience.

With the success of her first novel, former Miss Singapore Universe Marion Nicole Teo can perhaps write more books and give motivational talks (Beauty Queen’s Struggle With Hair Loss, Depression, “Life! Dec 6).

Not many people will want to talk openly about depression as this illness carries a heavy social stigma.

But those who are brave enough to talk about it can inspire others to cope with life’s challenges, knowing fully well that they are not alone in their difficulties.

We will all face adversities in life, but the important thing to always remember  is that with perseverance and determination, backed by the love from family and friends, we can become stronger than ever – in body, mind and spirit.


Raymond Anthony Fernando 


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