Sunday, December 14, 2014

Caregiving can be fulfilling experience - Raymond A Fernando's letter to The Sunday Times

My letter to The Sunday Times on the above matter is  published today – Sunday 14th December 2014.

Mr Toh Yong Chuan’s article last Sunday gave us an insightful peek into how professional caregivers take on the noble task of caring for elderly folk, many of whom are struggling with sickness and isolation.

The task is physically and emotionally draining. Moreover, many of the elderly and the sick tend to be bad-tempered and stubborn, and are not easy to get along with.

Yet, with the unflagging support of caregivers, these folk can enjoy a better quality of life, for nothing beats the human touch.

Providing love, understanding and care for our seniors can be a fulfilling experience.  Our parents gave us life, and it is only proper that we provide them with a better quality of life in their twilight years.

It saddens me to read of elderly folk who are left to fend for themselves when they become sick.

While nursing homes and eldercare services can lighten the load of caregivers, we must never forget to give our seniors the emotional support that can lift the human spirit and allow them to enjoy more good years.

Raymond Anthony Fernando




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