Friday, March 12, 2010

Raymond's letter to the New Paper on the JACK NEO LOVE AFFAIR

12th March 2010

“Don't put down a fallen man”

My letter on the Jack Neo Saga is published today in the to the New Paper , Friday 12 March 2010, Page 23.

As I read the many reports about the Jack Neo saga, I won't be surprised if he could be suffering from sex addiction and even depression.

Although I do not condone Jack's flirtatious ways, I am troubled by how netizens are using the Internet for the wrong reasons - to demolish a man who obviously is highly stressed and badly needs help.

Married men going through depression could either lose interest in sex or engage in illicit relationships to spice up their lives.

Depression is a silent killer and we should never feel ashamed to seek help.

More importantly, let us not put down a man when he has fallen by the wayside.

No human being is perfect. Only God is.

To be be able to rebuild his life, Jack should not be afraid to seek treatment for the stresses in his life.

When I was highly stressed at work and home life, I sought treatment at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in 1995.

I have since recovered through medication and counselling, and above all, a few friends who walked alongside me.

Having benefited from my own recovery and that of my wife who was stricken with schizophrenia and depression at the tender age of 17, we have opened our doors to those who have a genuine interest to turn their lives around.

This is one of the reasons why I have become a volunteer at IMH.

Be assured Jack, that I will be more than willing to walk alongside you, your beloved wife, Irene and your four children as you all start to rebuild your lives.

To prevent divorce cases from going up, it is imperative that the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS) aggressively promote healthy marriages through talks and workshops.


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