Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank you Rev. Fr Michael Sitaram (Fr Mike) \for your wonderful support!

Dear Rev Fr Mike,

My wife & I would like to record our deepest appreciation to you for the wonderful support that you gave us during the sale of our book- the 2nd collection of children's stories (The glass slippers & other stories for children).

During just 3 masses, the last 102 books were sold and when I came home before the 11am mass, it brought sheer joy on my wife's face. You have done so much for us, Fr Mike and you have made our Lunar New Year this year & Christmas last year so delightful simply because you care for our well being. This is so generous of you.

I also wish to record my heartfelt thanks to Fr Erbin Fernandez who is also a wonderful & caring priest. He knows how to feel the suffering of those who are isolated and lonely.

Cecilia Frances' was also remarkable and the student volunteers she secured for me from the children's liturgy did a fantastic job! It is so encouraging that good values are imparted in our youth by you, Fr Mike and Cecilia.

My appreciation to your support staff- Juliana, Nancy, Elizabeth & Vijaya who provided me with the much needed assistance. Vijaya went the extra mile in preparing nice coffee(On the rocks) & Orange juice(on the rocks) that made me feel so at home. She is such a fine person!

Last but not least, my sincere thanks to your parishioners who supported our books and gave comforting words.

Fr Mike, you & your kind-hearted Catholics have walked alongside us and brought light to us at the end of the dark tunnel that we often travel through. God Bless all of you & I will pray that all of you have good health in the years ahead!


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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