Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raymond's exciting 2nd novel- JUST RELEASED!

JUST RELEASED & SET TO BECOME ANOTHER BESTSELLER: The Face Behind The Front- Raymond's sequel to his bestseller, “Loving a Schizophrenic”

This true-life story is the continuing story of how Raymond Anthony Fernando is still coping to care and love his wife who has 5 chronic illnesses ( including schizophrenia and severe arthritis), through the love of Jesus. This book is also about how we can pick ourselves up and move on in life despite being confronted with huge challenges in life. Readers will enjoy reading this heartfelt story that will inspire them to stay resilient if and when they are faced with their own struggles in life. Join Raymond on his journey as he takes you through periods of desolation and celebration, triumph and betrayal, love and hate, faith and fate.

The book, which goes into 248 pages costs $20 has been released on 28th July 2009. Within 8 weeks, all copies of this first print run have been sold!

A reprint has be carried out due to popular demand.

If you wish to order this book, email Raymond at:

Don't wait. Order NOW!

Updated on 19th September 2009

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