Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gone, too soon: A tribute to the late Michael Jackson, King of Pop

Dear Michael,

Your music brought joy to millions all over the world
And they include adults, teenagers and children – every boy and girl
When you're on stage, your unique slick dance moves
Has seen everyone put on their dancing shoes
Your music can unite people of all races
Chinese, Indians, Americans and others in different places
Michael, be assured that your music will live on and on
Even though from all of us, you are physically gone
As a young talented teen, I knew you could reach the sky
When I saw you sing along with your siblings as the Jackson 5
Everyone will continue to sing along to your hits
Like “Ben”, “I'll be there” and “Beat it”
Your untimely passing came as a shock
As the world mourns for you, Michael - The King of Pop
And I am deeply saddened to realize in 2009, June
Michael, you are gone... all too soon
Like Elvis Presley, you leave behind a legacy
Your music, your memory, so special
That even the blind can appreciate and can see
And as you are united with the Lord, Michael
The pain you endured will disappear and set your heart and mind free

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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