Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Through the years

A Valentine’s Day poem specially dedicated to my lovely wife, Doris Lau
Saturday 14th February 2009

My Dearest Doris,

We have been married for 33 years
When you are ill, I shed so many tears
At times like this, I have so many fears
When you are well again, my heart flutters
For you are my pride and joy,
A lady that stands out from all the others

No one can replace you in my heart
This virtue I had for you, right from the start
You are the light that shines so bright
You are like the stars that sparkle at night
You are as precious as the water that we drink
You are as pretty as the colour pink

I cannot afford to buy you roses all year round
But I can cheer you up and act like a clown
I cannot afford to buy you a diamond ring
But I can write you a song that I can sing
I cannot afford to buy you a car
But I can wish upon a shooting star

Tonight, we will have a homemade candlelight dinner for two
For a lovely wife like you, Doris come but few
Our celebration on this special day together is indeed unique
For being born on Valentine’s Day makes me as you lovingly put it,
An incurable romantic that has a one-of-a-kind technique
Happy Valentine’s Day Doris, my life long partner
If I have to live my life all over again,
I will still choose you,
And no other!

Your beloved hubby,

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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