Saturday, February 21, 2009

I- Journalist -Raymond & his wife, Doris on new TV programme

Dear friends,

Channel NewsAsia has already started the second series of I-Journalist. In this programme, which is telecast every Monday night at 8.31pm on Channel NewsAsia, the citizen becomes the Journalist and leads the story. Basically it’s a citizens’ programme where issues facing Singaporeans can be aired.

In one of these episodes, my wife, Doris (who has schizophrenia) and I will be featured to talk on mental illness. Shooting of this programme was carried out at our home on Thursday 19th Feb 2009. In this programme, we talk about children – the ones we lost, and a neighbour’s child that brought so much love to us and helped in the healing of my wife’s mental illness and also took away my depression.

In this episode, I become the journalist and lead the story. My opening statement will mention that psychiatric patients need love, understanding and support- something, which I have always advocated for all along.

If all goes according to schedule and there are no last minute changes, this episode on mental illness will be aired on MONDAY 16th MARCH 2009 at 8.31pm on Channel NewsAsia.

Don’t miss it as we talk about the joy children bring and how they can help in the recovery of the mentally ill!


Raymond Anthony Fernando

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