Monday, November 11, 2019

Implement a slew of measures to support food delivery riders

I share the concerns of the riders who are trying to earn a decent living by delivering meals to customers (“E-scooter riders take grievances to meet-the-people sessions, others unsure what to do with devices” ; Nov 7).

With jobs hard to come by and livelihoods threatening, some solutions need to be put in place to help these riders whose tasks are physically demanding.  Last week as I was going up the lift to my flat, I met a Grabfood rider.  I asked him if he was doing part-time food delivery to earn additional money. He revealed that the IT business which he runs is not doing well and that is why he has to deliver meals.


There is always a solution to any problem if we pull together as active citizens to analyze the issue/s at hand and then brainstorm for workable and practical solutions.


I would thus like to propose a slew of measures that can resolve this burning issue.


To begin with, make it mandatory that all two-wheel PMD's are registered and licensed by 30 November 2019.


2.  Have all PMD operators registered and obtain a temporary license by 30 November 2019.


3. Make it compulsory for all PMD operators to attend a safety course by 31 January 2020 at which time they will receive a license to operate. Those who do not attend will have their temporary licenses and the PMD confiscated.

4. Require all PMD operators to obtain 3rd party insurance.


5.  I feel also that like handphones, the E-scooter charger should automatically be shut down after the bike is fully charged.


 6. Place a cap on the number of deliveries for the food E-riders so that they, in a bid to earn more money, will not be tempted to speed.


Lastly, strict enforcement should be carried out by the LTA and these include ensuring that there are clear visible licence plates with no modifications, illegal use of space or roads and reckless riding which has been known to cause accidents and deaths.  Demerit points, fines and jail sentences must be handed down to those who disobey traffic regulations.

These proposed measures will not only keep all of us in a safe environment, but also allow food delivery workers to support themselves as well as their families.
As I have taken pains to present this propsal, I would apprecaite it if the authorties could let me have a response.

Thank you.



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