Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Knowing your worth and lowering expectations can help secure jobs

I stand in solidarity with the writer on several points on the jobs search in the letter (Job hunting is a survival skill; May 4, 2017, TODAY Newspaper).

When people lose key social support such as in job losses, they can so easily fall into depression as they mistakenly believe that they are unable to contribute – both to the nation as well as to provide for their loved ones.

But we must view depression or job losses as passing clouds that will come, but will eventually go away. It will not remain forever.

Most importantly, those who are out of work must lower their expectations and be realistic of salaries. They must also be mindful of their worth when they are being interviewed for any new job. There is no guarantee that having a university degree will ensure that you get a job easily as there are thousands of them hunting for jobs.

Accept any salary that is offered and with the right attitude and a mindset of helping the company to grow, an enlightened employer should be able to spot your potential and gradual pay rises will follow.

In the case of those working in the service industry, possessing ‘customer delight’ service can contribute much to the image of the company.

McDonalds is a good example of a model employer who not only hires the elderly, but also is on the lookout to crave a career path for dedicated workers. Many of their workers are supervisors who worked their way up.

For our part as customers, we can motivate older workers by having a friendly chat with them and giving them encouragement. Opposite Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road on the ground floor are two elderly ladies who, when selling ice cream, will serve with a smile and have a word or two with me  – and this is perhaps one reason why I patronize their stall.

For patients who are coping with mental health issues, my advice to them is work part-time with shorter hours and then upgrade to full time when their coping skills become much better.

Raymond Anthony Fernando



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